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This is a listing of all of my recent projects

Table of contents:

BlackboardVision – A simple waiting room display using a Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi powered waiting room display. Content is loaded over WiFi, software is written in C#, GTK# and video is played by mplayer2.

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The CodeWalriiNotifier – A simple way to keep yourself up to date with SMF forum posts

Originally designed for the forum, the notifier evolved to support nearly all Simple Machines Forum (SMF) based forums.
It consists of a server application, written in PHP, which retrieves, parses, checks and caches the feed. And a client application written in C# with GTK#, supported by the most common Operating Systems, such as Windows, Linux and MacOSX, the latter two with the help of Mono, an opensource .NET framework VM.

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TwoStep – The challenging, multiplatform puzzle game

The goal of every level is to collect all tiles in time or with a limited amount of total steps having only two steps to reach another safe platform, as you'll die, if you don't land one one.
The game is controlled using the arrow keys or by swiping on mobile platforms.
You can find the current state of development on our or forum thread.

Here's a screenshot of the z80 (TI-8x+) version of the game:

The z80 (TI-8x+) version can be downloaded here.

The ‘Frankencalculator’ – A Raspberry Pi inside a TI-84 case

I am working on a Raspberry Pi A+, inside the case of a TI-84+ graphical calculator.
For the keyboard, I'm using the original, depopulated mainboard of the calculator and soldered the testpoints to an Arduino Micro Pro which is connected to the Raspberry Pi over USB and simulates a keyboard. It can be reprogrammed on the Pi itself using avrdude and the virtual USB Port that the Arduino Micro Pro is simulating.
It will also have a color, touchscreen TFT, which is connected over a parallel bus to the Pi's GPIO.
The power will come from an external USB power bank.